Dancing Our Way Home

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Sat., 4/29, 3-6pm, $50

Special workshop by Hanan of Miami

"Dancing Your Mother's Body"


Followed by a Women's party and film showing of Hanan's work bringing Oriental dance to Cuba, "Havana Habibi". 7-10pm, $7 plus pot luck.

Both events will be at Crescent Lotus studio in New Orleans.

RSVP is a must.  

Dancing Our Way Home! Third session starting soon.

(Registration and payment is on the "Contact" page.)

Women of the Middle East dance among each other at home, for celebrations, and free of the men's gaze or societies judgement. That is the root of our dance.

Here in the New Orleans area, home means a lot to many people. It is the root. It is what was brutally taken away from so many during Hurricane Katrina. It is a new home for many transplants and immigrants. It is our home. 

Our bodies are our home. Are we at home in them? Can dance help us to be more at home using our bodies as a vessel of art and expression?

Our dance communities are a haven and a home to many women throughout the world. 

Let's cherish and celebrate the many gifts that dance offers.

"Dancing Our Way Home" is a seven month project, conceived by Tamalyn Dallal, that will take place from January to August 12, 2017. Read on to find out how dance can bring us home.  

(Drawing by Ayako Date, Kyoto, Japan)

Dancing Our Way Home Locations:

Baton Rouge, Sundays 6-8pm (Third session starts May 7)

Ocean Springs, Mondays, 7-9pm (Third session starts May 1)

New Orleans, Uptown, Wed. 7:15-9:15pm (Third session starts May 3)