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Performances! The culmination of 7 months of "Dancing Our Way Home"

Posted by Tamalyn Dallal on June 14, 2017 at 3:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Exquisite Women's Party and Show!

On Saturday, June 24, 8pm, 34 women from Tamalyn Dallal's Dancing Our Way Home program and her annual Week Long Intensive will perform...Not the stereotypical midriff baring costumes we see in restaurants. Instead, women will celebrate their unique style and beauty in carefully chosen evening wear and plenty of bling. With beautiful music and artistic sentiment, they will show you a new vision for an ancient women's dance.

Treme Market Branch is an elegant new venue... A carefully restored vintage bank building with chandeliers and beautiful lighting, it is the perfect spot to transport you into a world that harks back to the Persian Empire, Silk Road, and Arabian Andalusia.

$10 admission (We are sorry but this is for women only)

Treme Market Branch, 800 N Clairborne Ave., New Orleans

Then... August 12, 7-9pm

"DANCING our way HOME" Theater production

At the Valiant Theater, 6621 St. Claude, Arabi, La. Tickets, $20

Now, for the grand finale, This show tells a story... A story of the many ways to long for home. The displaced, the nomads, the women who must dance in secret, and the grand and multicolored kaleidescope that is our world. Everyone is welcome!

Havana Habibi! Film and guest film maker- dancer

Posted by Tamalyn Dallal on April 5, 2017 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Our next women's party is April 29! 

I am delighted to announce that the dancer who spent ten years bringing Oriental dance to Cuba, is coming to New Orleans. 

We will dance, share food, and meet Hanan, watch the film, and generally get inspired! 

Sat., April 29, 7-10pm at Crescent Lotus Studio, New Orleans  $7


Hanan will be teaching a workshop entitled "Dancing My Mothers Body"- Very empowering, and the basis of how many womens lives were changed in Cuba through this dance.

3-6pm at Crescent Lotus $50.

Please take a look at the "Havana Habibi" movie trailer...


Time to Think about the Next Session!

Posted by Tamalyn Dallal on February 11, 2017 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Second Session: March 12- April 27, 2017 (You can join in the beginning of any session. But if you want the whole program, you can double up on classes that you missed.)


Location 1: Uptown, New Orleans and Covington, La.

Crescent Lotus, Wed., 7:15-9:15pm, (May 3- June 14).

 The Silk Road and it’s influence on Middle Eastern dance and music 

Location 2: Vega Bellydance Studio, Ocean Springs, Ms.

Mondays, 7-9pm, (May 1- June 12)

A man named Ziryab, Bagdad and Arabian Spain, plus the return of the Arabs to the Middle East through North Africa


Location 4, Fleur De Leaf Studio, Baton Rouge, La.

Sundays, 6-8pm (May 7- June 17)

The Ottoman Empire and it's influence on Oriental dance and music 

Dancing Our Way Home, Update

Posted by Tamalyn Dallal on January 26, 2017 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The program is three weeks in...All is going great! 

Everyone is making their "Sparkle Maps" and we have successfully risen up the first three of the six points of the body: The earth points that ground and form our movements, so we can't "cheat". 

Feet (Figure eights, hip circles, slides and horizontal rib movements follow the feet)

"Magic Muscle" - An extension of the poas muscle- creates deep and juicy African inspired little hip circles, one hip eights, and the deepest undulations.

"Accordion" or Long Belly- Short Belly- Still generated from the feet, this enhances our vertical ribcage movements. 

There is a lot more we can do with these points, but you need to come to class to find out, or to get a head start for next time, take this online class: http://daturaonline.com/isolation-integration-and-layers


We've been shimmying, finding ways to relax and layer the shimmies for a more Middle Eastern look and feel. 

To get a head start, you can go to http://daturaonline.com/relaxed-and-layered-shimmies

The bellydance style most often used in "Dancing Our Way Home" is primarily skeletal rather than muscular, using the gravitational pull of the earth for the first three points, and expressing toward the sky for the second three points. 

This is a very logical system that takes practice, and it works!

Take a peek: http://daturaonline.com/gravitational-pull-of-the-earth


Wait! That's not all! 

Sundays, we are learning an Arab- Andalous scarf dance

Mondays we are learning a lively, fun Turkish Romany (Gypsy) dance

Tuesdays we are balancing bowls on our heads for an Uyghur (Turkic Silk Road, Western China cultural dance)

Wednesdays and Thursdays, we are doing both classical and folk styles of Persian dance

AND we will have a structured improvisation where everyone can dance together from all five classes.

Have I lectured about culture? Yes! There is time for that. AND each group has their own FB page to share info and ideas. Those pages contain a plethora of goodies every week.


On Sat., March 11, we'll have our first of three women's parties, where we all get decked out in sparkles and bling (It's authentic- we MUST do that), and have a women's party. How fitting that this women's party is in the yummiest place in town....Stella Maris Middle Eastern restaurant in Arabi, La.

Then we start all over again for another seven weeks, then a party, another 7 weeks of dance education and inspiration, another party, then the final sevan weeks will culminate in a theater show... Not to be missed.

It's not too late to start "Dancing Our Way Home".

Go to the Contacts Page to sign up for the next session. 

Holiday updates

Posted by Tamalyn Dallal on December 12, 2016 at 2:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi everyone, 

I'm almost home from teaching in China, Japan, Thailand and Cuba. 

Really looking forward to "Dancing Our Way Home". 

Registration and payment are on the "Contacts" page.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Facebook as Tamalyn Dallal, or through this page. 

I will answer after Dec. 19.

There are payment butons on the "Contact" page. 

$50 deposit holds your spot in any location. 

$210 is registration for the full 7 weeks, starting Jan. 8.

$800 is for the entire season.

*All class topics and locations are listed in this page and also under "Details". 

(You are welcome to take more than one class a week.)


Tamalyn Dallal


Posted by Tamalyn Dallal on August 22, 2016 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

"Dancing Our Way Home" begins January 8, 2017.

Sundays, 6-8pm (Starts Jan. 8.)

Fleur De Leaf Studio, Baton Rouge, La. 

Contact: Katie Gromlovits: https://www.facebook.com/katie.gromlovits

Tuesdays, 6:45pm- 8:45pm

Tamalyn's Place, French Quarter- New Orleans, La.

Contact: Tamalyn Dallal or Karla Marie: [email protected] or https://www.facebook.com/karlamarie76?fref=ts

Wednesdays, 7:15-9:15pm

Crescent Lotus Studio, Uptown - New Orleans, La.

Contact Kryss Statho: https://www.facebook.com/krys.sta.9?fref=ts

Thursdays, 7:15-9:15pm

Our Place Dance Studio, Covington, La.

Contact Amanda Monjure: https://www.facebook.com/amandamonjure?fref=ts

After school and seniors outreach programs- Info coming soon.